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Marinei Nel is an Educational Psychologist based in Pretoria. Marinei is dedicated to the field of learning and development and passionate about helping children excel. Although she considers a child's diagnosis, she prefers to look at each child as an individual with specific needs that need to be met. She helps these kids overcome any obstacle that may prevent them from reaching their full potential. Marinei also loves working alongside their parents and teachers as she believes in a holistic approach.

Child Therapy

Marinei specialises in individual child therapy. Child therapy is primarily concerned with the study and treatment of behavioural and emotional problems..

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Play Therapy

Play therapy is a type of therapy used mainly for children. Play therapy gives children the opportunity to express themselves in a comfortable and creative way.

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Individual Therapy

Every child develops and learns at a different pace. Temporary or minor delays aren't usually a cause for concern, but multiple or ongoing delays in reaching..

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What is an Educational Psychologist?

Essentially, these are trained professionals that study how students of all ages learn. As an Educational Psychologist, Marinei investigates how students process emotional, social and cognitive stimuli. She makes assessments based on the student’s reactions and interactions She uses this analysis to identify social, learning, behavioural issues that impede the child's learning or development. After the assessment, Marinei works very closely with parents to develop strategies that will help children reach their full potential.

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Why choose Marinei Nel?

If you've been searching for an Educational Psychologist in Pretoria, Marinei is here to help.

Marinei investigates how students process emotional, social and cognitive stimuli.

After the assessment, she works very closely with both parents and children to develop strategies that will help children overcome any obstacles that prevent them from excelling.


Always Reliable

Marinei is always on time for appointments and ready to help your child achieve success.

Dedicated support

Marinei supports both parents and their children to help the child reach all their goals, both academic and social.

Exceptional Expertise

With many years of experience in providing Educational Psychology services, Marinei is confident she can help your child with their learning and emotional difficulties.

Looking for an Educational Psychologist?

Marinei offers a wide range of educational psychology services to meet your child's unique needs. Call her today to find out how she can help your child reach their full academic, emotional and social potential.

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